Contractors Zombies

8 Best COD Zombie Maps for Contractors VR

The world of video games is vast, always evolving. Call of Duty’s iconic zombie maps are no exception. These maps, which many of us sunk countless hours into, have formed fond memories. Recollections of tense showdowns, last-minute saves, and exhilarating victories are etched in our minds. Now, with the creativity of the modding community, these maps have been reborn for Contractors VR. As someone who’s had many nights battling the undead in the earlier versions, I’m genuinely thrilled to dive back in—this time, with the immersive experience VR offers. This transformation not only amplifies the intensity of the gameplay but also offers a fresh perspective on familiar terrains. Here is our list of the best maps you should download right now.

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Native Contractors VR Zombies

Before we dive in, let’s address the elephant in the room… the native Contractors VR Zombies. It is a dumpster fire. Contractors VR Zombies is repetitive with little variance in the game mode. Caveman Studios had the opportunity to create something great, but really dropped the ball on this one. The maps we go into below are community mods that have brought some of our favorite maps to life, and even some maps we haven’t seen before. If you are looking for an amazing zombie killing experience, check out these maps first.

Nacht Der Untoten

First on our list is the map that started it all. German for “Night of the Undead”, this map first appeared in Call of Duty: World at War and has been remastered into countless games in the Call of Duty Franchise. Nacht der Untoten is a concise map, composed of three distinct spaces: the initial area, the “Help” chamber, and a two-part upper level. If you have found yourself reading this post, there is a high likelihood you are more than familiar with this map, and playing it in VR brings on a whole new experience.


As the name and photo suggest, this map takes place in none other than jellyfish fields. In this map you start off with a hand gun and your trusty spatula to fight off waves of zombies. This map includes the mystery box, pack-a-punch, and some of your favorite perks. With bikini bottom in the background, it’s obvious that this map doesn’t come from any of the original Call of Duty Zombie games, but the gameplay is very familiar with wall guns, hell hounds, and a clear progression through the map.


Another Map from World at War, Verrückt takes place in Group 935“s Asylum Facility located in Berlin, Germany. Verrückt is larger than Nacht der Untoten, with three times more rooms. It introduces Perk-a-Cola machines, mirroring multiplayer perks, a Power Switch, and Electro-Shock Defenses. This map is more close quarters than Nacht der Untoten, making it a terrifying and fun experience in VR.

Kino Der Toten

Kino der Toten is the fifth map released from the Call of Duty franchise. This map takes you through an old abandoned theater and was the first map to introduce crawler zombies and the Thundergun. This map was a favorite among fans and playing in VR gives this map a whole new life.


This map takes place at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Play as John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, or Fidel Castro to fight off hordes of the undead while navigating the various floors and rooms of the Pentagon. The map is known for its tight corridors and limited space, making it challenging for players to train zombies and move around, especially in higher rounds. This map will keep you on the move and playing in VR gets intense.


Nuketown is a favorite multiplayer map for Team Death Match in Call of Duty: Black ops. This map takes place following the nuclear explosion and has now been run through by zombies. The small area and tight spaces can make this map a challenge even for experienced players and playing in Virtual Reality doesn’t change that. This is a great map that is sure to be a ton of fun and bring back some nostalgia for the game.


This one is still under development, but is still a great map to play. This map is a portion of the larger map “TranZit” from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. There is no functioning bus, but this is still a fantastic map to play in VR.


Like the Diner map, this one is a subsection of the larger TranZit map on Black Ops II. Another challenge introduced in this map is the fog, making it difficult to see longer distances in the map. This map is fantastic in VR and hopefully one day we will be able to play the TranZit map in all its original glory.


This is not an exhaustive list of zombie maps for Contractors VR, but these are certainly our favorites. Be sure to check them out; they will not disappoint. New maps are introduced regularly, and we’ll continue to update this list as they are released.

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