Quest 3 Tomahawk gunstock

Review of SkolVR Tomahawk Gunstock for Meta Quest 2 & 3

With the rise of virtual reality, the Meta Quest 2 & 3 has become a household name among VR enthusiasts. The experience becomes even more riveting with the right accessories, and one such accessory is the VR gunstock for those who love to dive into the realms of VR shooting games. Today, I’m reviewing the Tomahawk VR Gunstock 3in1 by SkolVR, which is priced at $172 (excluding shipping). If you decide the Tomahawk is the right fit, the links in this article provide a 5% discount at checkout, or use the discount code “VRNEXUS”

SkolVR Tomahawk VR Gunstock 3in1

Tomahawk Gunstock Product Overview:

The Tomahawk VR Gunstock 3in1 is a well-thought-out product from SkolVR. At first glance, the packaging and design indicate a high level of care and precision taken in its manufacture. Although 3D printed, the gunstock exudes durability, showcasing the pride SkolVR takes in the build quality and design of their product.

Features and Specifications:

Crafted from premium high-density PLA+, PETG, Neodymium magnets, nylon, rubber, steel, and eco-leather, this gunstock is built to last. The standout feature is its ease of transitioning between different gun variations—pistol, SMG, to rifle—without the need to remove your headset. The design promotes easy reloading, unobstructed by bars or other parts of the stock. Despite its robust build, the gunstock is lightweight, ensuring no tracking issues with the Quest controllers. Each Tomahawk gunstock is handcrafted, emphasizing the attention to detail by SkolVR.

The neodymium magnets facilitate a strong connection between your front hand and the gunstock, making it feel natural to connect and disconnect during gameplay for reloading, changing guns, or throwing grenades. Unlike other clunky gunstocks that interfere with tracking rings on the controllers or hinder reloading, the Tomahawk gunstock stands out with its sleek design.

SkolVR Tomahawk VR Gunstock 3in1

Setup Process:

The setup is straightforward with clear documentation provided for assembly, which takes approximately 3 minutes. Depending on the game, some calibration might be needed; however, my personal experience required minimal calibration while playing Contractors and Ghost of Tabor.


The performance of the Tomahawk gunstock is commendable. Transitioning between the three different gun variations feels smooth and natural. The strong magnetic connection ensures a seamless experience when reloading, changing weapons, or engaging in other in-game actions. There are zero tracking issues, which is a big plus.

Pros and Cons:


  • Natural feel and quick adaptation to gameplay.
  • Easy transition between different gun variations.
  • Zero tracking issues.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Light weight


  • Like many gunstocks, handling pump-action shotguns might pose a challenge.


Having tried a number of gunstocks on the market, the Tomahawk VR Gunstock 3in1 outshines others. The ease of changing the gunstock for the weapon in use, the natural feel of disconnecting and reconnecting, zero tracking issues, and the durable build quality puts it a notch above the rest.


I would highly recommend the Tomahawk to anyone who is into first-person shooter games on the Meta Quest 2 & 3. Its design and functionality make it a worthy investment for an elevated gaming experience.

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