Arizona Sunshine 2

Arizona Sunshine 2: A Comprehensive Review

Available on platforms like Quest 2/3/Pro, PSVR 2, and PC VR, Arizona Sunshine 2 hits the shelves as a much-anticipated sequel. With its December 7th, 2023 release, priced at $50, this Vertigo Games development promises a thrilling VR zombie experience. Reviewed on Quest 3, let’s dive into what makes this game stand out and where it could use some improvements.

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Gameplay Overview

Arizona Sunshine 2 Game Play

Arizona Sunshine 2 sticks to the classic VR zombie game formula. The game offers a familiar experience with slow-moving, not-so-smart zombies that pose a threat in large numbers. While it doesn’t revolutionize the genre, the game excels at delivering satisfying headshots with both firearms and melee weapons. The combination of impressive visuals, impactful sound effects, and diverse weapon complexity keeps the excitement alive throughout the gameplay.

Weapon Mechanics and Variety

When it comes to weapons, Arizona Sunshine 2 pays attention to detail. Manual reloads and bullet chambering add a layer of realism to each firearm. Particularly enjoyable is the tactile feel of reloading pump-action shotguns. Despite these details, a lack of functional differentiation between weapons is noticeable. Most pistols seem similar in power and accuracy, making the choice of weapon more about magazine size than tactical advantage. Higher difficulty levels might offer a different experience, but at standard settings, this issue remains apparent.

Buddy, the Dog Companion

Arizona Sunshine 2 Buddy the dog

One innovative aspect of the game is your canine companion, Buddy. Despite some clunky animations, Buddy adds a fun and practical element to the VR experience. Players can interact with him by giving commands like sit, fetch, and attack. He proves to be a helpful ally against the zombie horde, adding a layer of enjoyment to the gameplay.

Narrative and Character Development

The game presents a straightforward zombie apocalypse storyline. Light on character development, it still engages players enough to keep them interested in the plot. The main character’s crude humor and memorable one-liners add charm and personality. However, the game misses the opportunity to delve into moral quandaries, something that could have added depth to the VR experience.

Co-op Play and Social Interaction

Co-op mode elevates Arizona Sunshine 2 from good to great. Sharing the apocalyptic journey with a friend creates memorable and hilarious moments. Interactive objects and playful scenes scattered throughout the game encourage camaraderie and humor between players.

Horror vs Fun: The Game’s Tone

Arizona Sunshine 2 Horror

Arizona Sunshine 2 leans more towards a fun romp than a spooky shooter. Lacking traditional horror elements and jump scares, it caters to players who prefer a less frightening zombie experience. This approach makes the game accessible to a wider audience.

Game Length and Additional Modes

The main campaign takes about 7 hours to complete, offering a satisfying length for thorough players. A ‘Horde’ mode is also available, supporting up to four players. This mode presents a standard wave-based survival challenge, adding replay value to the game.

Immersion and Interactivity

Vertigo Games shows commitment to immersive interactivity. From breakable glass to bouncing basketballs, the game’s environment reacts convincingly to player actions. While it doesn’t reach Half-Life: Alyx levels of detail, it exceeds what most VR games offer. Co-op play amplifies this aspect, inviting players to engage with set-pieces and playful elements for added fun. Want to increase immersion even further? Check out the Tomahawk Gunstock by SkolVR (Get a 5% Discount with Code “VRNEXUS”).

Graphics and Physics Performance

Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay

Graphically, Arizona Sunshine 2 caters to tethered headsets but performs admirably on the Quest. The game maintains consistency in physics objects and enemy count across different platforms. However, the game’s physics system seems to run at a lower framerate, especially noticeable on the Quest headsets.

Comfort and Accessibility Features

The game includes a range of comfort options, catering to different player preferences. However, some players might find the peripheral blinders implementation less than ideal. In terms of accessibility, Arizona Sunshine 2 offers subtitles in multiple languages, adjustable difficulty, and other features to make the game more inclusive.


Arizona Sunshine 2 offers an engaging VR zombie experience with solid gameplay mechanics, a charming narrative, and enjoyable co-op play. While it has room for improvement in weapon differentiation and physics performance, the game stands out in the VR landscape. Whether playing solo or with friends, it promises hours of zombie-slaying fun.