Ghost of Tabor Key Card Spawns

In the immersive world of Ghost of Tabor, every advantage can be the difference between victory and defeat. As players navigate the treacherous terrains of this VR shooter, keycards emerge as one of the most coveted items—opening doors to Guns, Armor, and other high-value loot. If you’ve found yourself battling to find these elusive cards, you’re in the right place. Our detailed guide illuminates the shadows, revealing the locations of key card spawns and giving you a crucial edge in the game. If you are looking for an even bigger edge, check out our review of the best VR Gunstock on the market.

The 2 Types of Keycards

Purple Keycard

Purple Keycard Ghost of Tabor

Purple keycards can be found in crates, weapon lockers, and as loose loot everywhere. Specifically, check the First and second floor desk in the lab, the third floor conference table inside the lab, and a desk on the radio tower’s second floor. You can use these cards in the high-value loot room in the Missile Silo’s second level or in the prison on the Island of Tabor. When opening these loot areas be cautions of your surroundings, both rooms will set off sirens in the near area alerting other players.

Orange Keycard

Orange Keycard Ghost of Tabor

Orange keycards are found in crates, weapon lockers, the third floor of the main prison building, and scattered as loose loot. Use them to access the extraction room in the garage below the labs on the Island of Tabor. But be cautious, sirens will blare in the facility when you do.

Prison Area Key Card Spawn

Prison Area Key card spawn

On the Island map, go to the prison camp. Inside its main building, go to the third floor (right above the purple keycard loot room). There is a keycard spawn on the main desk.

Research Center Keycard Spawn 1 & 2

Research Center Keycard Spawn reception desk

In the research Center (the main big ole building on the map towards the center), there are keycard spawns at both reception desk. These are located on the first and second floors.

Research Center Keycard Spawn 3

Research Center Keycard Spawn conference room

On the top floor of the research center, if you make your way to the conference center there is a key card spawn at the end of the conference room table.

Radio Station Key Card Spawn

Radio Tower Keycard Spawn

In the Southern region of the map, the radio station has a keycard spawn. On the second floor there should be an office with a spawn location.

Other Key card Spawns

As you travel through the Missile Silo and the Island of Tabor, remember to check crates, lockers, cabinet drawers, and everywhere else loot can be found. There is not a high chance of finding a keycard in other locations, but one day you may be surprised.